Using technology to improve service

This morning at 5:49AM PST I got a text from one of my employees that the site appeared to be down.

Sure enough our firewall was having issues and needed to be rebooted. Everything is back up and running fine now.

For a while I have been having follow our site to track any down time. Since there haven’t been any issues is a very long time, I never spent the time to configure their setting to actively notify me of any down-time. So I went ahead and configured it so that I would get notified through email and text messaging if the site ever goes down. Normally they charge extra for text messages, but they offer free Twitter messages and Twitter offers free text messages… so that is a nice trick to get free text message of site status.

Now I should get notified pretty quickly if the site ever has connectivity issues, and I can make sure that you have as little down-time as possible.

You can now follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on things related to Check Out My Cards.

One thought on “Using technology to improve service

  1. Most cell phone providers have a specific format for e-mailing text messages, so you could just use your providers format (something like and get texted without paying extra and without going through Twitter.

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