One of the best weddings ever

I just got home from one of my favorite weddings. Those of you basketball fanatics that are planning to get married soon should take note.

A buddy of mine from Microsoft, basketball, and poker just got married. Ceremony was great, reception was great, dancing was great, but the real kicker was that the wedding was at the Bellevue Club Hotel. The banquet hall happened to be right next to the health club which had a basketball court. Of course a big group of us knew each other from playing basketball, and nearly all of us had at least some basketball shoes in our car. In fact most of us were prepared with a full change of basketball close. So as the dancing was winding down, we migrated over to the basketball court and played a couple games of 3-3 and 4-4. I have never been so exhausted after a wedding. It was so much fun, and it worked out really well.

The groom loves basketball, so he naturally loved it, and I figure since the bride’s vows included supporting her husband through March Madness, she was cool with it too.

2 thoughts on “One of the best weddings ever

  1. Cool Story, but I think if I did that on my wedding day, my girlfriend would be planning the divorce during our pickup games, LOL! BTW, I think you meant basketball “clothes” and not “close” 😉

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