Good start for June

I know it is early, but the first 6 days of June have been very good for business. Maybe the baseball season is getting into swing.

I was looking at our stats and noticed that May of last year was the first full month in our current warehouse. Then I noticed that Check Out My Cards generated more revenue in these first 6 days of June than we did the entire month of May last year.

Hopefully this is a reflection of things changing in the economy. Thanks for spreading the word about and making it what it is today. Please continue to let people know what you think of our service, and continue sending us your feedback. As fellow card collectors, we loving finding ways to help all of us enjoy collecting sports cards even more.

7 thoughts on “Good start for June

  1. “Please continue to let people know what you think of our service”

    And how about COMC spend some $ on advertising instead of just relying on the sellers?

  2. advertising costs $$ that must, sooner or later, be reflected in the cost of the service. word of mouth advertising is free and trusted, If every user of the site introduced one new buyer or seller to the site, then volume would double at NO cost whatever in $$ or staff time.

  3. Yep, let’s keep it word of mouth, since it seems to be working very well… I wouldn’t want COMC to spend too much $$ on advertising, since it will just increase their operating expenses and may force them to increase fees.

  4. Money for advertising would come from increased fees to buyers and sellers. If sales are increasing on their own through word of mouth, I don’t see the benefit of advertising.

  5. Here are the numbers I’m seeing:
    June 1-6 average sales of $18.69/day
    June 7-10 average sales of $10.60/day.
    May 2009 average sales $10.62/day.

    I would attribute the surge in sales at the beginning of the month to the fact that people had money in their accounts from a huge weekend as you ran the sale. By the way here’s one more stat for you:
    May 28-31 average sales of $17.55/day

    Please do another bulk shipping special. I think my surge in sales May 28-June 6 are a direct result of the special.

    Thanks, Jay

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