$100 for #1,000,000 & Free Express

We are about 75,000 cards away from adding item #1,000,000 to the site. With our current rate of a little more than 20,000 cards per week, that means we will be posting item #1,000,000 this month.

I will deposit $100 store credit in whichever account item #1,000,000 goes into.

I talked to my employees about this to make sure that we don’t offer any favoritism as we get closer to this number. We will just process cards as we normally do. Anyone could win the $100. It could be someone who sent us cards months ago with our budget processing service, it could be someone who sent us stuff a few weeks ago with our standard service, it could be someone who just sent us priority items, or it could even be someone who sends us cards in the next couple weeks with our express service.

If you want to increase your chances of winning the $100, I would recommend using our express processing service in the next two weeks.

Express Processing Special
For anything postmarked in June, we will offer free express processing for the following items.

  • Any cards with a Beckett value of $100 or more.
  • Any Baseball Cards from the 1950’s
  • Any Baseball Cards from the 1960’s
  • Any 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection Baseball Cards
  • Any Justin Morneau Baseball Cards
  • Any Tim Lincecum Baseball Cards
  • Any Joe Mauer Baseball Cards
  • Any Football Cards from the 1950’s
  • Any Matt Forte Football Cards
  • Any Chad Henne Football Cards
  • Any Hockey Cards from the 1970’s
  • Any Evgeni Malkin Hockey Cards
  • Any Sidney Crosby Hockey Cards
  • Any Alexander Ovechkin Hockey Cards
  • Any 1981-82 Topps Basketball Cards
  • Any Derrick Rose Basketball Cards

Limit 1,000 cards per account. Offer not valid for graded or jumbo cards. If this promotion is too popular it may take more than 1 week for these items to appear online, but we will get to them as a soon as we can.

To receive the free express processing, you must label the batch that is eligible for the promotion with the phrase “FREE EXPRESS PROMO”.

If you haven’t used our service to sell your cards yet, now is a great time to try it out.