Record Setting Pace

Two weeks ago we had two new employees join our team. These employees and the rest of our team have been doing an absolutely amazing job. There had previously only been one week where we processed 20,000 cards.

Last week we processed 20,182 cards to break our previous record of 20,041 cards.
This week technically isn’t over yet, but we have already processed 23,606 cards this week.

That is an amazing pace. I took a glace at the top sellers and noticed that very soon my LowPriceCards account won’t bee the only account with a six digit book value. The growth we have seen over the past year is pretty stunning.

Top Sellers 2009/05/23

Top Sellers 2009/5/23

Top Sellers 2007/01/06

Top Sellers 2008/01/06

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  1. I’ve only been a member since August of 2009. This site is simply amazing!! Thank you to all the people involved in getting this site going. I feel like a kid again.

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