Single day record broken

I have no clue what was so significant about yesterday, but we did manage to break our single day record for revenue. No specials, no promotions, just a normal Thursday, but yesterday beat out the day after Thanksgiving which had our huge flat shipping special.

Hopefully this is a positive sign regarding the economy, but I am sure it is way to early to tell. In any case, it is really nice to see this the same week we had a couple new employees join our team.

4 thoughts on “Single day record broken

  1. WooHoo! Man that is awesome! Hope that means some good times comin’. Great to hear. Take care everybody!

  2. Congrats to the record day!!! I can’t believe I am approaching my 5000th card sale. I have had a ton of confidence in COMC since the early days.

    I would, however, like to see an added query in the “My Dashboard | Manage Inventory” drop down query box entitled “Only show cards price exceeds book”. A query result that shows all of your cards that have asking prices that exceed the maximum book value would make keeping up with price changes Ohhh so much easier.

    Take Care,

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