2009 Q1 Stats

Here are the 2009 Q1 stats. Thank you so much for continuing to help us continue the record setting trends!


* Page Views are based on Google Analytics.
* Cards Added tracks the rate at which we upload new cards into sellers accounts. It does not track when the sellers started setting asking prices.
* Total Sellers is the total number of users that have sent us cards and set asking prices on their cards. Many sellers have sold their entire inventory and do not currently have any more cards for sale.
* Total Accounts only counts users that have created and activated their accounts. It does not count people that have purchased cards off of the site without creating an account.

3 thoughts on “2009 Q1 Stats

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  3. Many thanks for once again making this info public. I love seeing the page views increase as well as the cards sold and account numbers increasing. Hope the site continues to expand!

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