Getting your cards on the site faster

As you may have noticed the demand for our services is starting to skyrocket.

In an attempt to help satisfy as many people as possible, we are going to start making some changes to help speed up the process of get cards onto the site. Below are a couple things you can do to help us out.

No Toploaders
In order to get our high quality scans of every card we need to remove them from the holders they come in. Penny sleeves aren’t too bad, but toploaders and other hard cases take way too long. The time we spend removing cards from toploaders or screwdowns could be spent getting more cards on the site. To help keep the pipeline from backing up we are now going to charge $0.05 extra for each card that needs to be removed from a toploader or hard case.

The fees page and the instructions for how to ship to us have been updated to reflect this change.

Group your cards by sport
You can also help us speed up the process by keeping cards from the same sport next to each other. Having the cards all mixed up causes it to take longer to identify them.