New Priority Processing Service

Wow! I am completely blown away by the increasing demand for our service.

It was only a few months ago that we had less than a 1 week backlog of cards to put on the site. We now are approaching a 2 month backlog of cards waiting to use our service.

We realize that this is not reasonable in many cases. So we are introducing a new priority processing service. This service will cost $0.20 per card. We guarantee that your cards will be posted into your account within three weeks of when they arrive or the processing fee will only be $0.10.

Contact us if you would like to upgrade any of your current shipments to our priority service.

We will continue to offer the 1 week express processing service. It costs $0.50 per card. The budget processing service will continue to cost $0.10 per card.

We have also reduced out batch size from 1,000 cards per batch to 500 cards. This will help large shipments of cards get onto the site more quickly.

Check out the details on our updated fees page.

These changes take effect immediately. Any express processing shipments that are postmarked February 11 or earlier will be processed at the old rate.