CheckOutMy: Due Dates?

Lately we have noticed we have been getting a few questions about due dates so we thought we would try and answer a few questions about how the due dates work, why CheckOutMyCards due dates have been behind lately, why some orders finish faster than others, and how you can get your orders up as fast as possible.

How do the due dates work?
Here at we use estimated due dates from 2-4 weeks for standard processing. These due dates are our best estimate of how long we think it will take to process your cards but are not a guarantee how long it will take. Please keep in mind these due dates are based on a few factors like how many orders are ahead of your cards, how many cards are in those orders, how many cards are in your order, how long they will take to sort, and how hard they are to identify. All cards start our process based on the date received but along the way some of these factors will effect if that actual due date will be met on time or if it might be required to take a little more time.

Why has CheckOutMyCards due dates been behind lately?
In December a major snow storm blew threw Washington state which then turned into major flooding in January that shut down our area and kept most employees home for more than a week. Even through the shut down we have continued record growth in sales and the amount of cards to be processed.

Why do some orders finish faster than others?
We find out along the way through that some cards take more time than others.

What makes my order take more time than others?
There are many reasons for what makes your order take longer than others.
Here is just a few:

  • Were your cards sent in screw downs or top loaders?
  • How long will it take to sort them?
  • How hard are they to identify?
  • How hard is it to find pricing information for them?

What can i do to get my order get processed the fastest?
Using the express service is the best way to get your cards processed the quickest but if you are using the standard standard service here are some tips:

  • Clearly mark your user name on or in the package.
  • Carefully count the cards and include that count with the package.
  • Take all of the cards out of any screw down and top loaders and follow our instructions for how to ship the cards to us securely.
  • If you feel like you can securely get the cards to us without any penny sleeves as well, that is the best.
  • Try grouping all of the cards that are from the same set together.
  • If the cards are all over the map, try to group cards from the same player together.

Thank you to all our our amazing customers for all of your understanding and patience,
The Check Out My CardsTeam

10 thoughts on “CheckOutMy: Due Dates?

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  2. Still does not answer why cards received a week later than your own are quoted a post date a week earlier than yours (especially when the order was only about 100 cards less than your own)…

  3. I have made it a point not to complain because it must be a challenging position and it always seems like forever for your cards to get on but with the growth and the sales you certainly are doing a fantastic job and i thank you for all your hard work. in fact there is a card show this weekend and i am going to brag it up about all the sales on COMC and how the hard work is done for me. thanks again, dave

  4. I have created a forum/message board for users of this site. 388 sellers (As of today) and god only knows how many buyers who commonly shop the site, it would be great for all of us to be able to communicate.

    Sign up, start a conversation. Talk about sports, politics, and most of all, this site to create buyer/seller relationships to move your collection faster, or know where historically and geographically where your cards are coming from.

    Hope to see you all there!

    COMC User,


  5. One suggestion I might have is to process partial batches from a seller and go ahead and post them on the site before the whole batch is complete. I admit that I do not know how the batches are processed. But, if it is possible to process partial batches for multiple users(without mixing up the batches), that might satisfy more sellers at one time. This would not have to happen all the time, just when batches are backed up more than usual.
    I know I would rather have part of my batch online and be able to alter prices on them and maybe sell them before the time it would take to process the whole batch and put it online.
    This is just a thought I had that could help the sellers(especially the impatient ones – like me!!! ;)……) be more satisfied with a more timely activation of their cards.

  6. …….One more thing…… If partial batches were processed, the cards that cause problems and slow down the process could be reserved and processed last. This would also let the seller know which cards did slow the process down(beause they were processed last) and maybe give them incentive to remedy that problem on the next batch.

  7. Thanks jbnark! We have been listening to feedback, and we just announced a couple solutions to this problem. We are offering a new priority processing service that will only take 3 weeks guaranteed, and we have reduced our maximum batch size from 1,000 cards down to 500 so that we can get cards on the site in more bite size pieces.

    Thanks for sending the feedback!

  8. I dont want to tell people about this site as they may buy all the cards I want. I’m selfish


  9. Thanks for the response back, Tim. It’s nice to know that COMC and it’s staff read and consider the feedback they are sent.
    Mdcards….. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends about the site. I have a feeling that with all the sellers being added(and the sellers already existing), there will be plenty of cards for everyone.
    I know I have my favorite players and cards. But there always seems to be more than enough of them for me to buy when I have the money to do that.
    I’d better get back to work….. Everyone have a great weekend.

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