Another record setting month

Congrats everyone! Just a few hours ago we passed last month’s sales total making this the 10th consecutive month of growing sales.

In April of 2008 we didn’t see growth in sales because we moved to our current warehouse. Prior to that we had 8 consecutive months of growth.

Here are the stats that we will be printing on our next round of business cards.

The “Ripken” card turns 20

I can’t believe it has been 20 years. Here is a great article about this card from CNBC.

We are currently sold out of the origin card.
1989 Fleer #616A - Bill Ripken Rick Face - Courtesy of

Here are a couple of the variations.
1989 Fleer #616D - Bill Ripken Black Scribble - Courtesy of 1989 Fleer #616E - Bill Ripken Black Box - Courtesy of

If you have either of the other variations or the original card, you should send them in. We can’t keep them in stock.

Job Openings

In spite of our crazy economy with nearly 2 million jobs lost in the last 4 months, I am happy to announce that we have a need for for a couple more employees.

Check out our current job openings.

We are looking for an Office Assistant and at least one Identification Specialist. Both of these will start as part-time positions, and they can become full-time positions.

Please follow the instructions on our job openings page to mail us your application and resume.

Storage Fees & Flipping Cards

On January 1st, we had our first run of charging storage fees. (The only cards that have been subject to the $0.01/month storage fee have been those being flipped.)

If you would like to see which of your cards will be charged the $0.01 storage fee on the 1st day of the next month, you can simply select the “Only show cards subject to storage fees” in the filter dropdown on the Manage Inventory page.

You can always review your Store Credit History to see any recent transaction that affected your store credit. This now includes any storage fees.