Manage Inventory Improvements

Now that more and more people have large inventories of cards for sale, the Manage Inventory page has been getting slower and slower.

So, I fixed it. 🙂

The page should be much faster now.

I also made the following changes for changing asking prices.

  • The “Set Price” button got renamed “Save Price”.
  • I hooked up the “Save Price” button so that you can simply hit the Enter key after typing in the asking price.
  • I added an error message if the asking price is not more than 5% of the book value.

We have had a couple people accidentally price cards very low because the decimal point was in the wrong place.

I also added a Go to page text box to help people with large inventories jump right to a page deep in their inventory.

I also made the card description hyperlink launch the card details page in a new window so that you don’t lose the context of the card for which you are setting the price while you review similar cards for sale.

Details of offers past

This has been a feature request for quite some time. I finally made some time to get it done.

There are now links on the Offer History page that will take you to a new Offer Details page.

From the Offer Details page you can see all of the items in the offer and what happened with the offer.

If you were the buyer, you can even add the items to a new offer if the old offer had expired or was rejected.

I hope you enjoy the new feature.