Saying goodbye to a legacy

This Saturday there is a very special card show in the Seattle area.

For the past 21 years there has been a monthly card show at the Totem Lake Mall. However, the mall is being torn down and re-built. So this will be the final card show of what some have reported as the longest running monthly sports card show in the nation.

This card show is basically in our back yard. It is only about 5 miles from our office.

To commemorate the final show, we will be offering $10 of extra store credit for every $100 you put in your account. Simply come to the show and drop off a check, cash, or money order with Steve Hollander, and we will put 10% extra into your account.

Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to a legacy

  1. Hey Tim and Steve,
    Since they are tearing down our mall, do you know if the show manager has any plans on moving it somewhere else for us locals? Mabey a monthly show at a local hotel banquet hall or something like that?

    • Ron is looking for another venue, but we won’t know for another couple months. For now there will just be the one monthly show in Shoreline, just north of Seattle.

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