Coy Bacon passes away

Last week Coy Bacon passed away. Coy was selected to three Pro Bowls during his 14-year career as a defensive lineman in the NFL and traveled as a motivational speaker. You can learn more about Coy on Wikipedia.
1978 Topps #135 - Coy Bacon - Courtesy of

A longtime friend of Coy’s let me know today that he was able to purchase a couple of Coy’s cards on Christmas day. We shipped the cards on Friday, and they arrived in Ohio today. They were just in time for the visitation, and one of the cards was given to Coy’s granddaughter who was very appreciative.

It is encouraging to hear that our service is being used to help spread some joy. Our prayers go out to the Bacon family.

Weather may cause shipping delay

You are more than welcome to take advantage of our last day of $7 shipping, but I need to warn you that even if we package all of the orders on time, the packages still may not arrive in time for Christmas.

All orders placed by Saturday morning have already been shipped, and we were hoping to package the rest of the orders by the end of the day on Monday. However, we have had a series of big snow storms in Seattle. People have been encouraged to stay home, and a lot of flights have been canceled. I don’t believe the post office is operating at full capacity either. The snow and ice is expected to stay through Wednesday, and Seattle doesn’t have the plows to clear up the roads.

We will continue to do everything we can safely do to get your cards shipped and processed as soon as possible, but we are at the mercy of the weather.

We appreciate your patience.

Expedited Shipping & Gift Receipts

With the holiday season upon us there has been a steep rise in the need for some additional shipping options. So I spent the last few days revamping our systems so that we can efficiently expedite orders and so that we can print gift receipts complete with personalized gift messages.


When you check the Gift Receipt checkbox, we will print an invoice that does not include any of the purchase prices, tax, or shipping information. We will also give you the option to include a Gift Message.

We normally package orders within 2 business days and ship them via First-Class Mail® from the USPS. The packages are coming from the Seattle area, and depending on where you live, it may take a week or more for your package to arrive. If that is not fast enough for you, we have added two additional options.

With Priority Shipping we will package your orders first thing every morning and make sure they get shipped that day with the 2-day Priority Mail® service from the USPS. The package should arrive within 3-4 business days. This option is only available when shipping within the United Sates.

With Overnight Shipping we will package your orders first thing every morning and last thing at the end of every business day. We will then make special trips to the post office just to make sure that your package gets shipped with the Express Mail® service from the USPS. The package should arrive within 1-2 business days. This option is only available when shipping within the United Sates.

A sign of success

One of the “selfish” reasons why I built this website was so that I could collect Orel Hershiser cards more easily.

Yesterday I acquired this Hershiser card.
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Autograph Jersey #159 - Orel Hershiser/1 - Courtesy of

As the site continues to grow, I hope more collectors out there can find gems of their favorite players, just like I found here. It doesn’t get much better than a 1/1 signed jersey card of your favorite player.

This one is getting framed and going on the wall in my office. 🙂

Black Friday Shipping Status

We are finally back on top of shipping, and we are now getting cards shipped the day after we receive the shipment request.

Unfortunately, it came to my attention that in the rush to fill all of the orders our standard shipping process wasn’t always followed. Some cards weren’t packages as securely as we normal package them, but as always, we guarantee satisfaction with everything we do. If you receive any cards that you are not happy with, please feel free to contact us, and we will make sure you are taken care of.

Saying goodbye to a legacy

This Saturday there is a very special card show in the Seattle area.

For the past 21 years there has been a monthly card show at the Totem Lake Mall. However, the mall is being torn down and re-built. So this will be the final card show of what some have reported as the longest running monthly sports card show in the nation.

This card show is basically in our back yard. It is only about 5 miles from our office.

To commemorate the final show, we will be offering $10 of extra store credit for every $100 you put in your account. Simply come to the show and drop off a check, cash, or money order with Steve Hollander, and we will put 10% extra into your account.

Hope to see you there!