Black Friday Special Breaks Records!

When we announced the Black Friday special of $3 shipping on Wednesday we immediately started setting records. Account holders started buying up cards and getting them ready to be shipped on Friday.

On Wednesday we did 45% more business than our record setting day from two weeks ago.

Today, we are just about to beat Wednesday’s record and it is not even 4:00PM. Let’s see how much we can beat our record by.

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Special Breaks Records!

  1. That’s awesome Tim! I’m proud to say I’m part of this new record. I’ve been browsing the site for a couple of weeks now and when I saw the $3 flat shipping rate for Black Friday, I started buying up cards and now I have about 100+ cards ready to be shipped! All that for only $3 shipping! Your site is truly amazing and it has provided a fun and inexpensive alternative to collecting cards. Keep doing what your doing and the sky’s the limit!

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