Record Setting Day!

It was two weeks ago that we adjusted our fee structure. We got some very helpful feedback from several sellers, and we were able to tweak the fee structure to make the fees work for as many buyers and sellers as possible.

Today I am happy to let you know that we set a record for total sales in one day. The growth of the site over the last year has literally blown me away.

By 9:00 PM today, we exceeded the total sales from the entire month of October last year.

There is still a chance that by the end of the day we will surpass the sales from the entire month of November last year. That is mind boggling.

I need to thank all of my amazing employees. They have been working so hard the last few weeks to process the record number of cards that have been sent to us. Also, I need to thank all of the sellers and other members of the site that have been spreading the word about This kind of growth is only made possible by each of your efforts.

I want to thank each and every one of you for helping this dream come true! It is really working. The concept is really working.