The Holiday season is right around the corner and we are thinking of taking orders for COMC
t-shirts, polo shirts, and hooded sweatshirts.

The t-shirts and sweatshirts will look like this.
2007 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention #1 - Tim Getsch/1 - Courtesy of

The t-shirts would be $19.95, the sweatshirts would be $39.95, and the polo shirts would be $59.95. Please let us know what you would be interested in purchasing.

3 thoughts on “CheckOutMyShirts?

  1. I’ll buy a t-shirt or two. Hopefully you’ll periodically change designs, colors, and styles so your wearables will be as creative as your website. The company logo on a white tee is a good start, but get crazy and make them fun!

    $60 for a polo shirt is a bit steep. I could buy a really cool card for this amount of $$$…

    More importantly, how much is a Tim Getsch RC? I’ve been looking for one of these ever since I found CheckOutMyCards. I need it to fill out my Cool Hobby Innovators set.

  2. You should have the shirts come with a free promo card of some sort!*wink-wink* (Since you have say, nearly 400,000 cards laying around…) LOL.

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