Finalized Fee Structure

We simplified and finalized the new fee structure.

It includes several tweaks that were suggested by some current sellers.

  • No storage fees for buyers
  • No storage fees for cards with asking prices of $0.25 or less
  • First 90 days for of storage are free for the original owner

We announced the finalized fees at the local WSSCA Winter Convention, and we chatted over the phone with a few of the most consistent sellers. The reception is overwhelmingly positive. With the new tweaks (especially the free storage for $0.25 cards and the option to donate cards to charity), people are now ready to start sending us nearly all of their excess cards. This is the affect we were going for.

With the $0.10 initial processing fee, people can send us twice as many cards as they could with our old $0.20 processing fee. In turn, they will start earning store credit twice as fast, and they will then be able to send their next batch of twice as many cards even sooner. This should help us continue to exponentially grow the selection of cards available.

Our current capacity is nearly 5,000 cards per day. We hope to max that out by the end of the year and need to start hiring and expanding our capacity in January.

I would love to create a bunch of new jobs for sports card fanatics. Help us make that a reality by continuing to spread the word about!