Records are made to be broken!

As I alluded to yesterday, we were about to set another record. ๐Ÿ˜€

On Wednesday we blew away our previous best day by 45%!
On Friday we be blew away Wednesday’s record by 34%!!!

In the last four days we have done more business than we did for the entire months of November and December combined last year.

We had several sellers let us know that they sold more than 100 cards just yesterday.

I looked at the number of cards requested to be shipped, and we had 10 times more cards requested to be shipped yesterday than our previous best day!!!!

I am speechless.

On a personal note: I only worked half days on Wednesday and Friday. I am really proud of the team that is taking care of things when I am not there.

Black Friday Special Breaks Records!

When we announced the Black Friday special of $3 shipping on Wednesday we immediately started setting records. Account holders started buying up cards and getting them ready to be shipped on Friday.

On Wednesday we did 45% more business than our record setting day from two weeks ago.

Today, we are just about to beat Wednesday’s record and it is not even 4:00PM. Let’s see how much we can beat our record by.

Black Friday Special: $3 Flat Shipping!!!

In celebration of the biggest retail shopping day of the yearย decided we would make it even easier to buy on our site.

On Friday, November 28th from 12:01AM to 11:59PM PST shipping will be a flat $3!

Buy as many cards as you want, and your shipping total will only be $3. Yes, this includes graded cards too! It is time to buy all those cards you have been thinking of purchasing.

If you use an account to purchase cards, you can start your buying now and just wait to request the shipment until Friday and save tons of money. This special is for any purchases made directly off the website. Whether you have an account or not you can take advantage of this one day only special. At your Thanksgiving day gatherings please tell everyone you know. Specials like this don’t come around everyday. So buy!!! buy!!! buy!!! and save!!! save!!! save!!!
Happy Holidays from Check Out My Cards!

Minimum offer %, What do you think?

We are starting to get more an more complaints about people sending extremely low offers.

To try and combat this issue we are thinking of enforcing a new policy.

Offers must be at least 50% of the total asking price.

This policy would have two effects. It would make sure that people can’t give unreasonably low offers, and it would encourage sellers to ask fair asking prices.

What do you think of this policy?

========== 11/27/2008 UPDATE ============
Wow, I am amazed with the response! I rolled out the simplest stage of the feature. We now restrict the offers to at least 50% of the asking price. It is a lot more work to make it configurable, but I am open to doing it if it is the right thing. For now, if you are willing to take offers that are less than 50% of you asking prices, maybe you can consider lowering your asking price.

Too busy for the Portland show Sat & Sun

Due to the rush of cards we have been receiving, we will not be at the Jantzen Beach Show this weekend. We are so busy here at COMC trying to get everyone’s cards on the site that we decided to stay here and continue to work hard getting your cards up for the holiday season. If you were planning on bringing cards to the show to save on shipping we apologize, but we hope to be back at the next Portland card show on December 13-14. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping us so busy. Keep on checking the site. There are thousands of cards going on up every day.