New record for first time seller

Today we finished processing nearly 1,000 cards from olsonnet. This was his first consignment lot, and this was the first time we had a new seller give us a lot with a book value of more than $10,000 where the average book value was more than $20 per card.

His prices are pretty good too. Here is a $300 Alex Rodriguez numbered 4 of 10.
2007 Topps Sterling Stardom Relics Autographs Quad #SSA138 - Alex Rodriguez/10 - Courtesy of
I don’t expect it to last too long at $100.

Here is a $150 Reggie Bush numberd 6 of 9. He is only asking $40.
2006 Topps Triple Threads Relic Gold #TTR29 - Reggie Bush/9 - Courtesy of

In the first few hours his cards have been up for sale more than $1,000 book value worth of cards have sold.