Does a BV under $1 mean anything?

We have had several sellers point out that Beckett prices for cards worth less than a dollar are not very relevant when buying cards on the web. When I was chatting with someone at Beckett about this issue, they mentioned that eBay now forces people to start listings no lower than $0.99, and Beckett Marketplace also has a minimum price of $0.50.

We are seeing that either people want the card or they don’t. Whether you charge $0.05 or $0.50 for a card with a book value of $0.25 doesn’t really matter. It generally only sells to people that are interested in that card, and those people often don’t blink at paying full book or more for these cheap cards that they want.

So… What if we simply display “Under $1” for the book value when a card has a book value that is less than $1?

We would not display a discount percentage for these cards, and if you ask us to set your prices based on a percentage of book value we will assume that the book value is $1 for these cards. For example, if you send us a card with a book value of $0.30 and ask us to set your prices to 50% off, the card would be set to $0.50 and the discount percentage would be N/A.

Is this a good idea? Bad idea? Should we display “$1 or less” instead of “Under $1”? Should we use a number other than $1? Let us know what you think.

New record for first time seller

Today we finished processing nearly 1,000 cards from olsonnet. This was his first consignment lot, and this was the first time we had a new seller give us a lot with a book value of more than $10,000 where the average book value was more than $20 per card.

His prices are pretty good too. Here is a $300 Alex Rodriguez numbered 4 of 10.
2007 Topps Sterling Stardom Relics Autographs Quad #SSA138 - Alex Rodriguez/10 - Courtesy of
I don’t expect it to last too long at $100.

Here is a $150 Reggie Bush numberd 6 of 9. He is only asking $40.
2006 Topps Triple Threads Relic Gold #TTR29 - Reggie Bush/9 - Courtesy of

In the first few hours his cards have been up for sale more than $1,000 book value worth of cards have sold.