Paying it forward

It is always encouraging when you witness someone looking out for a stranger, especially when there is nothing in it for them. On Friday a very honest member of the COMC community noticed a mistake by another seller and did a noble act to help out that seller.

At 5:22 PM garymccoy accidentally set the asking price for the following $30 card to $1.50 instead of $15.00.
2007 Topps 52 Chrome Gold Refractors #14 - Alex Gordon/52 - Courtesy of

At 6:00 PM our search results were updated so that people could start finding this card.

At 6:08 PM Tigers1984WS noticed that the card was marked 95% off book value, figured it must be a mistake, and purchased the card. He very quickly emailed us to let us know about the mistake so that the card could be transferred back to the original owner and set to the correct asking price.

As a special thanks to Tigers1984WS, we added an extra $1.50 store credit to his account. We are so thankful for having people with such integrity participate in this community.

On a side note…
It is amazing how fast things can fly off the site if they have a low enough asking price. 8 minutes! Wow!

2 thoughts on “Paying it forward

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  2. That is awesome to hear. Just lets you know there really is still good hearted people out there. Memorbillia collecting is full of it’s theives and “ball-card sharks”, so I believe in karma so what comes around, goes around. Good deed tiger1984ws.

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