Check out your business cards

Over the last few weeks we have been creating some new marketing materials. One of our goals is to make it easy for each of you to help spread the word about Your voice carries much more weight than ours.

The whole reason behind the name of our website was that we wanted each of the sellers to tell people “check out my cards!” Now we are giving you a great tool for doing this.

These business cards are designed to look like a cut signature card where you have a blank to enter your user name.

2008 CheckOutMyCards Business Cards - Courtesy of

The back of the card is modeled after a baseball card with some statistics about the website.
2008 CheckOutMyCards - Courtesy of

We will be including a few of these in each order that we ship out. We will also bring them to card shows. You will be welcome to grab as many as you would like, and you can even order them from the website.

Best city to live and launch a company

Score! Bellevue, WA topped the list of 100 best cities to live and launch a company compiled by Fortune Small Business on

I live in Bellevue, and Check Out My Cards is literally on the border of Redmond and Bellevue. If we were across the street, we would be in Bellevue. That is a great picture of Lake Washington.