Growth in a down economy

I have been amazed. In spite of the economy growing south, our site continues to grow at an blazing rate. Over the last two weeks our website revenue has been up 25% from last month, which was also a record setting month.

Now is a great time to sell mid-range cards. The average price of a card that sells from our site is $2. If you are sitting on a large quantity of cards in the $1 – $20 range and you want some extra cash, this might be the right time to start selling. We will even process your first 100 cards for free. Just print off this blog post or write “100 free” on a piece of paper and include it with the cards you send us this month.

8 thoughts on “Growth in a down economy

  1. WE NEED A MESSAGE BOARD!!! The blog is great, but for the sellers to be able to have communication with each other would fulfill everyone’s needs. I know some collectors may sell, but are always looking for certain sets or certain players. This would create endless possibilities. I have recently turned down several offers for some of my collection, but I would also would like to explain to the buyer with good reason so I don’t look like an a-hole! Plus, we all share a common interest. Sports fans! HUGE sports fans. Anyone that has ever been a memorbillia collector knows sports and respects the game(s) a little more than the next joe schmoe so in the big picture, we have a lot to talk about…

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  3. Agree there needs to be an optional ‘Reason’ or ‘Comments’ field in the offer screens. Would be a great enhancement to the overall CMC experience for both buyers and sellers.

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  6. ND3 & powerfam, thank you for the suggestions. We are working on an improved offer system. Hopefully by the end of the year, we will have addressed the issues that you are encountering. Also, if you want to use a discussion board today, you are welcome to start using the discussion boards on our facebook page.

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