3 thoughts on “$1,000,000+ for sale

  1. Congrats on the great milestone. I have been telling all of my customers about COMC and they are all impressed with your site. I wish you the greatest of success.

  2. WE NEED A MESSAGE BOARD!!! The blog is great, but for the sellers to be able to have communication with each other would fulfill everyone’s needs. I know some collectors may sell, but are always looking for certain sets or certain players. This would create endless possibilities. I have recently turned down several offers for some of my collection, but I would also would like to explain to the buyer with good reason so I don’t look like an a-hole! Plus, we all share a common interest. Sports fans! HUGE sports fans. Anyone that has ever been a memorbillia collector knows sports and respects the game(s) a little more than the next joe schmoe so in the big picture, we have a lot to talk about…

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