Save your favorite searches

Most people who use Internet Explorer or Firefox as their browser for viewing the internet don’t know about a cool feature that works quite well with our site: the RSS feed button.

This nifty little button allows you to do a couple of things. It allows you to be updated automatically when we add a blog post or when your favorite cards get posted to the site.

  1. To Subscribe to the blog:
    The simplest way to do this is to go to and click on “Subscribe to this feed.” The orange feed button (discussed earlier) in the top right of the window does the same thing.

    Selecting this brings up a simple pop-up to allow you to create a feed the same way you would create a “Favorite” in your browser. Similar to viewing your favorites, click on the star emblem at the top left of the screen to open your favorites; then click on “Feeds” to view your subscribed feeds.


  2. To subscribe to a search:
    Using the RSS button after doing a search allows you to only have to search the site once for that item. For an example, I’ll use one of my personal favorite players: Nolan Ryan. So, I want to find his 1968 Topps Rookie Card. When I enter “1968 Nolan Ryan” in the search area, as pictured below, you can see that two cards came up, but obviously not the actual 1968 Topps card I wanted.

    However, since I have that groovy little RSS button (see the orange arrow pointing at it in the above image), I can use that to subscribe to a feed for that search option.

    Now, whenever a new card matching the description I’ve entered gets put onto the site, it updates the Feed in your favorites area.



Thanks to Mark for putting this post together.