Check out your store credit history

Minor new feature added to the site this afternoon… This last week I had three sellers ask about details of their store credit. So, I added a page where you can check your store credit history.

The following new link has been added to your dashboard.
New "Store credit history" link

I even added an Export Transaction History button that will generate a CSV file so you can analyze your sales in Excel.
Sample Store Credit History

2 thoughts on “Check out your store credit history

  1. As I watch this site grow slowly but surely, I think it needs a message board rather than a blog for the members to make comments and form “want lists”. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I have lots of cards to gradually send, but money is somewhat tight with me and my family for I have a 5 year old, and one on the way! I still collect rare items, but more to sell more of my collection to fans of certain players and teams. Anyone else feel me on this???

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into how we might add “want lists”. I have shied away from doing a generic message board, because I don’t want to get into the business of moderating it.

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