Blowout Cards forum talking about us

At the National we got to meet a couple people that discovered us through the Blowout Cards forum. Back in February WunderkindCards started a thread about Over the last 6 months, there have been more than 200 replies, and the thread has been viewed more than 8,000 times. This is nearly 3 times more than any other thread on their site. The 221 replies is also a record. The next largest thread only has a little over 100 replies.

This thread does a great job of showing an unbiased history of several sellers experience with the site. It discusses our advantages and our growing pains. I highly recommend reading through it if you are curious about using our consignment service.

Get your $20 coupon

For the month of August we will be including a $20 coupon in all orders we ship out. This coupon will cover the processing fees for 100 cards to be added to your account. Limit one coupon per account.

Simply include the coupon when you send in your cards and we will drop $20 from the processing fee. If you send in 100 cards or fewer, we will completely waive the processing fee. To get your coupon, place an order or send us a shipment request for one or more cards and we will include the $20 coupon.

Unplanned Down Time

Sorry about the unplanned downtime last night. The traffic on the site continues to rise, and the log files for the website filled up one of the hard drives a lot faster than I had been expecting. This caused the site to be down for a little while, but it was very simple to bring it back up. We have taken precautions to prevent this from happening in the future.

Again, sorry for the downtime. As the site continues to grow, there will be growing pains, but I will try to plan further ahead and announce when we will have to schedule downtime to make upgrades.