Update from the National

The response from the National has been overwhelmingly positive. A few people still don’t have computers and aren’t interested in buying or selling online, but unlike last year, we are now more than just a concept. People are ready to give us a try. We talked to numerous large dealers, store owners, and eBay power sellers that are ready to try something different.

Considering the fact that more than half a million different people have visited the site over the past year, I was surprised by how many people have still not heard of us. Everyone we talked to that has used COMC.com or even just casually visited it has loved the site.

The highlight of the show for me is definitely seeing how excited our users are. hotsmurf1390 made sure to come by our booth on the first night and introduced us to some of his friends from Austria. He met us at last year’s National and became a seller soon after that. bdrum67 started selling football cards around the time of the Super Bowl and has helped spur on a snowball effect that has tripled our inventory of football cards. rithm is one of our sellers that has only used the site to flip cards. He hasn’t yet sent us cards that he has on hand, but he has successfully re-sold cards that he has purchased off the site. We also got to chat with Seattle area dealers eaglescards and hankssportscards.