4 sellers with 4 digit card sales

Since my last blog post we have reached many milestones. We now have more than 200,000 cards for sale, and I was planning to do one last blog post with my timgetsch account in the #10 spot of the top sellers list. However, today DKShultz took over the #10 spot.

DPietrack also called me today to let me know he hit 1,000 total cards sold. So I dug into it and noticed that 4 sellers have now reached 1,000 cards sold. SteveSC, prestongillespie, and cardshark are the other sellers. My timgetsch account has sold more than 2,000 cards, and my LowPriceCards account holds the lead with more than 10,000 cards sold.

One thought on “4 sellers with 4 digit card sales

  1. Hey Tim.

    Great to see the site and sellers growing and growing. I just turned 40 and getting back into card collecting has reignited my passion for sports cards. I really feel like a kid again. The other day, I bought my first hockey card packs in over 15 years. I even got packs for father’s day! It’s all because I found COMC!

    Thanks. I’m having so much fun!

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