Come meet us at the National

Planning to be at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago July 30th – August 3rd?

Come visit us at booth #783!

Bring your cards!
Have cards you would like to sell on the site? Bring them to our booth, and we will ship them to our warehouse near Seattle for you.

If you are not coming to the show and you have cards you want to add to the site, you probably want to send them to us soon. After the National there may be a big backlog of cards waiting to go on the site. Cards received before the end of July will have priority over cards we get at the National.

Whether you are going to be at the National or not, you should start preparing your cards go on the site now so that they are ready to be shipped of dropped off at the show by the end of July.

  • Learn more about selling your cards on one of the fastest growing card sites
  • See sales stats from our current roster of more than 150 sellers
  • Current turnaround time is under 2 weeks for any shipment of 1,000 cards or less

Website hiccup this morning

Sorry about the website slowness and sporadic down-time this morning. For some reason, Friday likes to give us the most fits. Almost every time we run into any issues it happens on a Friday. Go figure…

Anyhow… In case other web developers run into this issue, here is what happened, and what we did to fix it.

This morning we noticed that w3wp.exe on our web server was using nearly 100% of the CPU and was floating between 3GB and 6GB of memory usage.

Restarting IIS didn’t solve the problem. w3wp.exe would quickly consume all available resources.

Solution: Re-deploy the ASP.Net 2.0 website.

My theory is that the ASP.Net compile state somehow got corrupted. Re-deploying the website simply triggered a full recompile.

The website is back up and running smoothly now.

4 sellers with 4 digit card sales

Since my last blog post we have reached many milestones. We now have more than 200,000 cards for sale, and I was planning to do one last blog post with my timgetsch account in the #10 spot of the top sellers list. However, today DKShultz took over the #10 spot.

DPietrack also called me today to let me know he hit 1,000 total cards sold. So I dug into it and noticed that 4 sellers have now reached 1,000 cards sold. SteveSC, prestongillespie, and cardshark are the other sellers. My timgetsch account has sold more than 2,000 cards, and my LowPriceCards account holds the lead with more than 10,000 cards sold.

New Top 10 Seller w/ AMAZING CARDS!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of identifiying the cards in another amazing shipment of cards from EELindy. This pushed EELindy into the #10 spot on our top sellers list, but he won’t be there for long. We already have several more shipments from EELindy in our pipeline, and his cards should excite just about any collector.

Here is a taste of the cards that were just added to his account.
2006 Upper Deck Epic Pairings #RG - Babe Ruth Bat Lou Gehrig Bat/5 - Courtesy of
2006 Upper Deck Epic Pairings #RG – Ruth Bat/Gehrig Bat 2/5

2005 Absolute Memorabilia Star Gazing Oversized Prime #17 - Brett Favre/10 - Courtesy of
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Star Gazing Oversized Prime #17 – Brett Favre 4/10

2006 Upper Deck Epic Triple Materials #RJD - Babe Ruth Bat Reggie Jackson Jsy Joe DiMaggio Pants/99 - Courtesy of
2006 Upper Deck Epic Triple Materials #RJD – Ruth/Reggie/DiMag 46/99

1967 Topps #200 - Willie Mays UER ('63 Sna Francisco on Card Back) - Courtesy of
1967 Topps #200 – Willie Mays

2004-05 Upper Deck All-Star Lineup Prominent Futures Threads #JA - LeBron James Carmelo Anthony - Courtesy of
2004-05 Upper Deck All-Star Lineup Prominent Futures Threads #JA – L.James/C.Anthony SP