Email, Corrections, Hiring & Issues

Email Backlog
I am still way behind on email. I went through several thousand messages this weekend and flagged ones that need a response. I will try to send responses this week. If you are still waiting on a response from us by next weekend, please send us another message.

Incorrectly Identified Cards
I finally got a chance to go through all of the notifications we got over the last month, and I updated all of the cards that had been incorrectly identified. If you still see some cards that you think are wrong, please click the notification hyperlinks.

Hiring Status
Now that we have more space, we have been busy hiring more people and training them in. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will find some time to update the site with profiles of our new employees.

Network Issues
If you tried to visit the site on Friday morning, you may have had trouble getting in. This was due to some faulty network equipment. I love the response we got from one of our Canadian users when the site was back up.

Whew…I was missing my fix of “COMC”. Glad to see things are all good again. I’m spreading the word about the site and hope to send more cards soon.


This week we will be installing some new network hardware that should help us better manage these issues. We may have to take the site down for about 30 minutes to install the hardware. That will happen either Tuesday morning or late some evening this week.