First $10K Seller: DPietrack

This week DPietrack became the first consignment seller to sell more than $10,000 BV worth of cards. He only started selling a little over two months ago. He is offering great cards at amazing prices, and they have not been lasting long. If you see something you like, you better grab it soon.
1971 Topps #100 - Pete Rose - Courtesy of

This week we also crossed another milestone. We now have 10 sellers that have more than $10,000 BV worth of cards on the site.

10 x $10K

WSSCA Annual Show

We will be at the Washington Sate Sports Collectors Associate Annual Show tomorrow and Sunday. Steve Hollander will be representing I will swing by for a few hours on Saturday and maybe Sunday.

Please drop by Steve’s table and say hello. There will be a big Check Out My Cards banner. If you would like us to put some of your cards on the site, you can drop them off at the show and avoid the hassle of shipping them to us.

Record Setting Week

SteveSC is one of our top sellers, and when he┬ámentioned that this was the first month where he made more money off sales from than he did from the card shows he does on weekends, I decided to see exactly how we were doing…

Wow! The site is definitely back up and working smoothly. This week we have been setting records for number of orders and size of orders. Several people have been placing 100+ card orders.

Yesterday we set another record for most sellers in one purchase. Someone from New South Wales, Australia placed an order for 139 cards from 30 different sellers and only had to pay $20 for shipping to Australia. That is absolutely amazing!

All of the cards were Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, or David Robinson cards.
1993-94 Fleer Living Legends #4 - Michael Jordan - Courtesy of
2003-04 Upper Deck Finite Elements Warmups #FE25 - David Robinson Speedy Claxton - Courtesy of
2004-05 SkyBox Premium Hometown Shout Outs Jerseys #TD - Tim Duncan - Courtesy of

Here were the sellers involved with the sale.

alexc5150 Dpietrack LowPriceCards
cardboardcollectibles eaglescards MintcardInvestments
cardshark gooddeal prestongillespie
cardsinlimbo jasonsch serf77
cardtrader johnhungerford steve7563
crahawk jpenque SteveSC
DavesCards justinu13 timgetsch
DKSchultz KDavvy Trackman54
doubleplay lhpepsi yelmerekim

Network Issues Resolved

We finally tracked down the issue. The web server had a setting from a previous configuration that was no longer valid, and this was causing the web server to periodically send web requests off to never-never-land.

This has been cleaned up, and the server has had no down time since the issue was resolved on Monday evening.

Intermittent Network Issues

On Tuesday we took the site down for about 30 mintues to install a new firewall. Since then we have had a couple mornings where people have had trouble hitting the website. I appologize for the inconvenience. The site should be back up and fully functional right now, and we are trying to identify the issue. Until then, feel free to send mail to or call 1-800-517-3540 if you encounter any issues connecting to the site.

Email, Corrections, Hiring & Issues

Email Backlog
I am still way behind on email. I went through several thousand messages this weekend and flagged ones that need a response. I will try to send responses this week. If you are still waiting on a response from us by next weekend, please send us another message.

Incorrectly Identified Cards
I finally got a chance to go through all of the notifications we got over the last month, and I updated all of the cards that had been incorrectly identified. If you still see some cards that you think are wrong, please click the notification hyperlinks.

Hiring Status
Now that we have more space, we have been busy hiring more people and training them in. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will find some time to update the site with profiles of our new employees.

Network Issues
If you tried to visit the site on Friday morning, you may have had trouble getting in. This was due to some faulty network equipment. I love the response we got from one of our Canadian users when the site was back up.

Whew…I was missing my fix of “COMC”. Glad to see things are all good again. I’m spreading the word about the site and hope to send more cards soon.


This week we will be installing some new network hardware that should help us better manage these issues. We may have to take the site down for about 30 minutes to install the hardware. That will happen either Tuesday morning or late some evening this week.