We are ready for more cards!

After two weeks, we are finally settled in enough at our new location for you to start sending us your cards again. Thank you for your patience. The new address has been posted on the site. We are still in Redmond, but now we are in a facility that has room for us to grow much more rapidly.

Once we receive your cards, you will be given a estimate for when we will be done processing your cards. We will give priority to first time sellers and to shipments that are 200 or fewer cards. After that it is pretty much first come, first serve.

Due to the overwhelming demand for our consignment service, we are no longer offering volume discounts. Also, we have slightly adjusted our processing fees. There is now an additional $2 fee per shipment. This makes the shipping fees paid by the buyer and the processing fees paid by the seller the same. That is $2 + $0.20 per card.

2 thoughts on “We are ready for more cards!

  1. Hey. Glad things are getting up and running again. I guess like gas and home heating oil, when something is in demand, the cost goes up.

    Sending cards from Canada is already a costly proposition, $15 to $25 per shipment. And that’s for small amounts. Insurance is also a costly issue. I can understand the cost per shipment, but my concern is as you continue to grow, how long before cost to the seller keeps rising and the service no longer makes sense to use from a financial standpoint?

    I’m not a huge volume seller, just a long time collector that found this service and thought it was a cool way to sell some cards and re-light the collecting spark. Please tell me that this isn’t going to price itself out of the level of other like me.

  2. Scott, I hope that day never comes. From day 1 this service was designed for collectors. We have no desire to price collectors out.

    The adjustment we made was intended to be fairly minor. We are really just trying to encourage people to send us larger shipments instead of many little shipments. The core processing fee is still only $0.20 per card, and our goal is to always keep that as low as possible. We just added the extra $2 per shipment to cover the additional overhead we have with opening each package and putting the information into our system.

    Thanks for voicing your concern. This is always appreciated and helps us ensure that we are doing the right things for our customers.

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