+5 on the Seattle Startup Index

This month we jumped up 5 spots on the Seattle Startup Index that is published by the Seattle 2.0 Blog.

  • We debuted in the January 2008 index at #74.
  • In the February index we jumped 8 spots to #66.
  • Now, for the March index we jumped 5 spots to #61.

I noticed that no site that was ranked below us jumped above us. That is cool. We are growing faster than our nearest peers.

Thank you for visiting our site and helping us to become the fastest growing sports card website on the internet!

2 thoughts on “+5 on the Seattle Startup Index

  1. Congrats Tim and co.! I’ve been subscribed to your blog and following the company since it’s inception and it’s awesome to see a young, tech-savvy startup like this in the industry. Every chance I get to hype you guys up to someone in the collectibles world I always slip in a little plug and say I see a ton of potential in what you’re doing.

    Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see how you grow 🙂

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