Move Status: We’re In!!!

Engineering a move is always fun… for those that like to dance with the unknown and predict the unexpected. I, on the other hand, am very glad that we are almost done. Due to the recent spike in demand for our consignment service, we had to move much faster than I would have liked, but I am super excited about our new facility and our new ability to grow much more rapidly.

Last Friday we signed the lease, and on Sunday we started moving in. The inventory was successfully moved without skipping a beat. The new location has allowed us to easily have teams of people processing cards. Almost everything was going more smoothly and quickly than expected… until we started to configure the network in our new office.

We were hoping to have the internet hooked up on Tuesday, but Murphy’s Law intervened. Now the latest estimate is that the internet will be hooked up on Friday. At least it isn’t like the old days where it often took 3-6 months to get a decent internet connection. Unfortunately, almost all of our staff will be out of town this weekend, so we may not be able to commence filling orders until Monday.

The office space should be fully furnished and everything should be back to the regular swing of things by the end of next week. Deliveries of office furniture and computers are expect to arrive in the middle of next week.

Status Update for Buyers

  • Order Status: Assume that your orders won’t be shipped until Monday April 14.

Status Update for Sellers

  • Current Shipments: For those of you that have received an estimate for when your cards will be done being processed, the move has pushed us an extra two weeks behind on processing cards.
  • Recent Shipments: For those of you that recently sent us shipments of cards, I hope to send the “Shipment Arrived Notification” emails this weekend.
  • Future Shipments: For those of you patiently waiting to send us more cards, we expect to start listing our new shipping location next week.