Another Record Breaking Order

This evening Alfredo from California purchased 43 cards from 22 different sellers. Shipping was only $10.60.

That is amazing. The entire order was less than $26, including shipping. Here are some the cards purchased.
1970 Topps #140 - Tom Dempsey RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of 1993 Collector's Edge #262 - Drew Bledsoe RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of
2004 Greats of the Game #13 - Sammy Baugh - Courtesy of 2007 Donruss Gridiron Gear Performers Red #29 - Rosey Grier - Courtesy of

Here are the sellers that each took part in this historic sale.

  1. VinnyH
  2. cardsinlimbo
  3. jsmatheis
  4. KDavvy
  5. johnhungerford
  6. sharon10
  7. timgetsch
  8. SteveSC
  9. MichaelJohn
  10. prestongillespie
  11. DavesCards
  12. immediex
  13. vail271
  14. crahawk
  15. cody804
  16. rustapark
  17. iathatch
  18. CardMan
  19. LowPriceCards
  20. scottya124
  21. Kral

2 thoughts on “Another Record Breaking Order

  1. I really love your site, and the concept behind Check Out My Cards. I got really fed up with eBay when I was selling cards on it a couple of years ago and totally pulled out of the business. I think what you’re doing has potential. But, as a born skeptic, I’ll be waiting to see if it has legs. Others have tried (in much more primitive fashion) to provide a solid alternative to eBay, but I think most of them failed because they got ripped off by unscrupulous buyers and sellers. You seem to have a built-in system to thwart that. Hope it works. Good Luck! Meanwhile, if you’ve got a true baseball nut in the house, you might want to check out my site. It’s pretty geeky stuff. And maybe later we can do some business. I have a fairly large vintage collection.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dan!

    I am glad that you enjoy the site. The entire experience is designed by collectors, for collectors. A little over 4 years ago, I started dreaming about what an ideal trading card site would be like. When I didn’t find anything out there that really met my goals, I started building it myself. It was a fun hobby for a couple years, and now it has grown into a full blown business.

    I appreciate your skepticism. That is why we only offer full-service consignment. If any buyer or seller has any issues, they can come back to us. People have been overwhelmingly pleased with the site. Our biggest challenge is keeping up with the demand.

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