New Record: 16 Sellers with 1 Purchase

On Thursday James from Fargo, ND set a record by placing one order that spanned 16 different sellers. He only had to pay $20 for shipping because we house all of the cards on the site and we do all the shipping at once.

Here are a couple of the cards that were purchased.
1993-94 Upper Deck Triple Double #TD2 - Michael Jordan - Courtesy of

1989 Donruss #33 - Ken Griffey Jr. RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

2 thoughts on “New Record: 16 Sellers with 1 Purchase

  1. He paid $20 in shipping for 16 cards? Were they all purchased at the same time? I thought it should cost $2 + $ .20 per card, making it $5.20 shipping.

  2. Good question. I didn’t mention how many cards were purchased. I just mentioned that the cards were spread amongst 16 different sellers. James happened to purchase 90 cards. That was why the shipping was $20.

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