How to unblock email to …

When you create an account at our server sends you an email. Sometimes email from our server gets blocked by your email provider. The easiest way to unblock our email is to add to your contact list. To do that with Yahoo! Mail simply click on the Contacts tab or go to
Contacts Tab

Then click the Add Contact button.
Add Contact

Specify as the email address and click Save.
Save Contact

Now email from our server will arrive in your inbox and you will be able to activate your account.

To request a new activation email go to the following page, sign in (if necessary), and click the ‘Request a new activation email’ link.

As part of the account creation process at we verify that the user has specified a valid email address that can successfully receive email from our servers. This is very important for sellers on our site because they need to be notified if a potential buyer sends them an offer on their cards.

Unfortunately many people have trouble receiving email from our servers. In the past 30 days most email domains have had a 65-75% success rate in receiving our emails and activating their accounts. However there are two outliers, and As we have seen with just about everything from Google, their services appear to be superior. 95.74% of the users from successfully activate their accounts. Even though Yahoo! Mail is the post popular email provider it appears to be on the other end of the spectrum. Only 47% of the email addresses are able to receive our emails.

Email Domain  Activation Rate 47.42% 70.67% 95.74% 69.23% 76.92%

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  1. I was recommended to the website by nipsack. I purchased some cards from nipsack on eBay. Like Pat I too collect Ryan Zimmerman. I look forward to being a buyer. I’ve collected baseball cards on and off for 25 years. Earlier in collecting I was a Rubin Sierra and George Brett collector. Great website and keep it going!


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