When it rains it pours!

Many of you may have heard about the flooding we had in the Pacific Northwest recently.

A 20-mile section of I-5, the region’s main north-south route, finally reopened Friday after being covered by up to 10 feet of water for much of the week.

President issues disaster declaration for Wash. flooding

Just like the weather, traffic has been flooding into COMC.com this past week as well. In November we saw a steady increase from about 1,200 unique visitors per day to about 1,800 per day. Then all of a sudden… December happened.

December 1st 2,235 unique visitors, more than 15% better than our previous best day.
December 2nd 2,508 unique visitors, more than 10% better than Dec 1st.
December 3rd 2,782 unique visitors, more than 10% better than Dec 2nd.

In the first week of December we had more orders than we had in any month prior to October.

September 18th was the first day we had more than 1,000 unique visitors in a day. Since October 12th we have had 1,000+ unique visitors every day, but we didn’t have 2,000 visitors until December 1st. That was about 50 days in the 1,000-2,000 range. On December 9th we topped 3,000 unique visitors. That was only 8 days on the trek from 2,000 to 3,000 unique visitors per day.

Yesterday we had 3,347 unique visitors. That is the 4th time in the last 10 days that we have topped our previous best day by more than 10%.

Sorry I haven’t had time to post more frequently. I will try to do better, but with stats like this it might be hard to find time. We are currently making plans to increase to size of our staff to support the growing demand.