What people are saying about the site

First, here is a quick follow up to my previous post about breaking records… We crush our page view record that Thursday with 38,296 page views. That Saturday we crushed our record for unique visitors with 1,312, and we have consistently had more than 1,000 unique visitors a day ever since then.

We just recently started to compile some of the things that people have been saying about our site and our services. Here are some of the items we added to our new Testimonials page.


“Thanks. After I received my first batch of cards that I ordered from your site, I promptly logged back in and purchased more. Thats how impressed I am with your service. The site is remarkably easy to navigate and makes the shopping experience quite fun and addictive [which is of course to both the customer’s and your advantage =)]. The shipping costs are the cheapest I’ve seen and the delivery time is pretty darn fast too (less than a week from the US to Australia).

Now only if you could chase up some vital cards in my collection for me…

Keep it up and even if I am moving overseas in a week I will still keep on shopping with you guys as longs as you have the cards I want”

Arthur, New South Wales, Australia

“Hi. I just wanted to let you know that the cards arrived today. They are in great condition and well-packed. I am very happy with my purchase and I would order from you again. Thank you for the good deal and excellent service.”

Matt, Portland, OR

“I can already see it, u r the next ebay but better and more people freindly.
Good luck to u and your company.”

Amit, Fort Pierce, FL

“Thank you. Your site is excellent! I appreciate your help with everything!”

Jake, Flemington, NJ

“Nice job on the site! It is truly an impressive combination of technology and passion.”

Kevin, Denver, CO

“Thanks, your service (and the website) is absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!”

Jerry, Palm Bay, FL

“The cards arrived today (Friday) in great shape!

Thanks very much, I will be back with another order.”

Bernard, The Netherlands

“I just found your site tonight. It is a very interesting concept… One of the things that struck me first about your site is it is a great place to find the pictures of the cards I need to fill my want list. It made it quick and easy to see exactly what I was looking for.”

Joey A.

“I really like the way your web site is set up… I like the way your
search and cart are set up.”

K. B.

“I have searched a lot of sports card sites but this one beats every one I have ever seen hands down. I filled up my shopping cart with absolutely no doubts on what I would be receiving – another words, no surprises. The fact that I can view each card front and back is awesome. The discounted prices are great also but with such a fantastic experience shopping on your site, I found myself much more impressed with the quality of the site. Kudos to everyone involved and I hope to be filling my order very soon.”

Tim C.

“Buying the exact card viewed is GREAT! Very cool indeed.”

Jerry A.

“do you know if anyother website like yours exist on the internet? I’m curious because I think this is a much better way to purchase from than ebay.

James, Decator, GA

“I just bought some cards from your site for my son. I was VERY IMPRESSED at the way you set up your website and cart.”

Joe, Massapequa, NY

“I enjoy your website! I have many cards that I would like to sell in a similiar mannor…”

Derek, Daytona, FL