Card show this weekend in Vancouver, BC

We are driving on I-5 on way to Vancouver for a card show this weekend. If you are in the area, you should stop by the show and say hello.

Check out for show details.

We should be set up at the show by about 7:00 PM. Julia and Tim will be there.

This blog post was written on a laptop that is teathered to a cell phone with an internet connection. This is the same technique that we use for demoing the website at card shows, and it works surprisingly well while driving down the freeway.

Made to be broken, broken, and broken again

I think we are going to set a record for setting records this week. 🙂

On Saturday we set a record with 26,723 page views on
On Sunday we broke that record with 28,207 page views.
At 5:00 PM yesterday we smashed the page view record again. This time we have 30,205 page views, and there were still 7 hours left in the day! We will get the final tally for yesterday’s hits sometime this evening.

Not that this is super accurate, but according to, we were more popular than this week. They have a better three month average, but we are rising fast, and they have been steadily shrinking in popularity.