$15K worth of cards earns the #2 spot

Thanks to $15,000 worth of cards from eaglescards, we have a new #2 seller on COMC.com.
2004-05 SPx Winning Materials #MJ - Michael Jordan SP - Courtesy of COMC.com

LowPriceCards (the predecessor to CheckOutMyCards.com, more about the history…) still has firm hold on the #1 spot with nearly $175K worth of cards, but local sports card dealer Egil Knutzen from Kent, WA easily passed up my childhood collection, timgetsch, to claim the #2 spot.

In addition to Eagle’s Card Shop (14320 se 272nd st. Kent Wa. 98042), you can find eaglescards on eBay. Like many dealers on eBay, Egil knows how time consuming it can be to list hundreds of auctions. With CheckOutMyCards.com, Egil was able to drop off more than 1,000 cards at a local card show, and we did all the work to scan in the cards, enter their descriptions, look up their book values, upload them to the site, and default the prices to 40% off Beckett. To date, Egil has given us just under 2,000 cards, and due to our patent pending system our team was able to process all of these cards in less than 2 days!

Join Egil and many other dealers that are starting to see the advantage of outsourcing the labor involved in selling sports cards online. Send mail and mention this blog post to learn about how to get a discount on listing your first 1,000 cards.