More than 100,000 cards!

This morning we passed 100,000 total cards on the site. There are currently 57,418 different cards, and 100,203 total cards. Every single one has been scanned, front and back. To our knowledge, this is still the largest online inventory of sports cards that includes high quality images of every single card for sale.


Some of the recent additions include the following.

Nearly 2,000 more cards from SteveSC including the following cards.
1999 Topps Record Numbers Gold #RN4 - Barry Sanders/1000 - Courtesy of
1997-98 SkyBox Premium Autographics #32 - Vlade Divac - Courtesy of

Nearly 2,000 more cards from JamesCards including tons of 1970 Topps cards.
1970 Topps #410 - Boog Powell - Courtesy of

More than 1,000 cards from SPORTSCARDS4SALE including this Dennis Rodman autographed card.
2003-04 Ultimate Collection Signatures #RO - Dennis Rodman - Courtesy of

More than 500 cards from DavesCards including this Yogi Berra game used bat card that is numbered out of 100.
2002 Donruss Classics Legendary Lumberjacks #23 - Yogi Berra/100 - Courtesy of

56 more cards from wildpionther10 including this Barry Bonds rookie.
1986 Fleer Update #14 - Barry Bonds XRC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

35 cards from robert including some great Michael Jordan cards at amazing prices.
1993-94 SkyBox Premium Center Stage #CS1 - Michael Jordan - Courtesy of

198 more cards from bfarbman including many vintage cards from the 1950s.
1958 Topps #288 - Harmon Killebrew - Courtesy of

72 cards from mike25mound including this really nice Carl Yastrzemski autograph.
2000 Greats of the Game Autographs #89 - Maury Wills - Courtesy of

34 cards from scott11 including this nearly perfect Pete Rose.
1969 Topps #120 - Pete Rose - Courtesy of

100 cards from baseball31 including a bunch of 2006 Topps Football rookies.
2006 Topps #352 - Santonio Holmes RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

15 cards, 7 sellers, only $5 shipping!

Today Leif from Louisiana placed a record setting order for us. He purchased from 7 different sellers across 4 different states. Because we house all of the cards for sale on our site, we were able to only charge $5 in shipping for the 15 cards ordered.

Try to order 2-3 cards from 7 different sellers on any other website and see how close you can get to $5 shipping. This is just one of the ways we are changing the game and making a more efficient, safer, and easier place to buy and sell sports cards.

Below are examples of a few cards that recently arrived from all across the US and were sold to a man in Louisiana.

1958 Topps #476 - Stan Musial AS TP - Courtesy of
bfarbman was the original owner of this 1958 Topps Stan Musial which arrived from Pennsylvania a little over a week ago. It has a book value of $50, and it sold for $45.

1998 Topps Clemente #18 - Roberto Clemente 1972 - Courtesy of
wildpionther10 was the original owner of this 1998 Topps Clemente reprint which arrived from Ohio on Friday. wildpionther10 set his asking price on Saturday, and the card sold on Sunday. This card has a book value of $8, and it sold for $5.

1991 Topps Archives 1953 #319 - Ted Williams - Courtesy of
DavesCards was the original owner of this 1991 Topps Archives Ted Williams which arrived from Everett, WA on Wednesday. DavesCards is a new member of our top 10 sellers featured on our home page. He set his asking asking price on Saturday, and the card sold on Sunday. It has a book value of $10, and it sold for $7.50.

What people are saying about the site

First, here is a quick follow up to my previous post about breaking records… We crush our page view record that Thursday with 38,296 page views. That Saturday we crushed our record for unique visitors with 1,312, and we have consistently had more than 1,000 unique visitors a day ever since then.

We just recently started to compile some of the things that people have been saying about our site and our services. Here are some of the items we added to our new Testimonials page.


“Thanks. After I received my first batch of cards that I ordered from your site, I promptly logged back in and purchased more. Thats how impressed I am with your service. The site is remarkably easy to navigate and makes the shopping experience quite fun and addictive [which is of course to both the customer’s and your advantage =)]. The shipping costs are the cheapest I’ve seen and the delivery time is pretty darn fast too (less than a week from the US to Australia).

Now only if you could chase up some vital cards in my collection for me…

Keep it up and even if I am moving overseas in a week I will still keep on shopping with you guys as longs as you have the cards I want”

Arthur, New South Wales, Australia

“Hi. I just wanted to let you know that the cards arrived today. They are in great condition and well-packed. I am very happy with my purchase and I would order from you again. Thank you for the good deal and excellent service.”

Matt, Portland, OR

“I can already see it, u r the next ebay but better and more people freindly.
Good luck to u and your company.”

Amit, Fort Pierce, FL

“Thank you. Your site is excellent! I appreciate your help with everything!”

Jake, Flemington, NJ

“Nice job on the site! It is truly an impressive combination of technology and passion.”

Kevin, Denver, CO

“Thanks, your service (and the website) is absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!”

Jerry, Palm Bay, FL

“The cards arrived today (Friday) in great shape!

Thanks very much, I will be back with another order.”

Bernard, The Netherlands

“I just found your site tonight. It is a very interesting concept… One of the things that struck me first about your site is it is a great place to find the pictures of the cards I need to fill my want list. It made it quick and easy to see exactly what I was looking for.”

Joey A.

“I really like the way your web site is set up… I like the way your
search and cart are set up.”

K. B.

“I have searched a lot of sports card sites but this one beats every one I have ever seen hands down. I filled up my shopping cart with absolutely no doubts on what I would be receiving – another words, no surprises. The fact that I can view each card front and back is awesome. The discounted prices are great also but with such a fantastic experience shopping on your site, I found myself much more impressed with the quality of the site. Kudos to everyone involved and I hope to be filling my order very soon.”

Tim C.

“Buying the exact card viewed is GREAT! Very cool indeed.”

Jerry A.

“do you know if anyother website like yours exist on the internet? I’m curious because I think this is a much better way to purchase from than ebay.

James, Decator, GA

“I just bought some cards from your site for my son. I was VERY IMPRESSED at the way you set up your website and cart.”

Joe, Massapequa, NY

“I enjoy your website! I have many cards that I would like to sell in a similiar mannor…”

Derek, Daytona, FL

Card show this weekend in Vancouver, BC

We are driving on I-5 on way to Vancouver for a card show this weekend. If you are in the area, you should stop by the show and say hello.

Check out for show details.

We should be set up at the show by about 7:00 PM. Julia and Tim will be there.

This blog post was written on a laptop that is teathered to a cell phone with an internet connection. This is the same technique that we use for demoing the website at card shows, and it works surprisingly well while driving down the freeway.

Made to be broken, broken, and broken again

I think we are going to set a record for setting records this week. 🙂

On Saturday we set a record with 26,723 page views on
On Sunday we broke that record with 28,207 page views.
At 5:00 PM yesterday we smashed the page view record again. This time we have 30,205 page views, and there were still 7 hours left in the day! We will get the final tally for yesterday’s hits sometime this evening.

Not that this is super accurate, but according to, we were more popular than this week. They have a better three month average, but we are rising fast, and they have been steadily shrinking in popularity.

A fun reason to collect

I like to collect cards of players who I have played basketball with or against.

Jeff Hagen was a freshman at Hopkins High School in MN when I was a senior.
2005-06 Topps Chrome #249 - Jeff Hagen DL RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

Kris Humphries also went to Hopkins High School, and I played against him many times at open gyms.
2004-05 Topps Chrome #179 - Kris Humphries RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

Hiram Fuller played a few games at South Sound Athletics with the Club Seattle pro-am team that I played with for several years.
2005-06 Topps Chrome #229 - Hiram Fuller DL RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

Doug Christie also played a few games with my Club Seattle team when we played in a league at his al-ammeter Rainier Beach last summer.
2002-03 Topps Chrome Refractors #68 - Doug Christie - Courtesy of

Martell Webster played on another team in that same league at Rainier Beach.
2005-06 Topps Chrome #192 - Martell Webster RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

Jamal Crawford asked me to play with his team in a tournament at Green Lake after playing against him at the Redmond Athletic Club several times a few summers ago. My Club Seattle team also faced off against Jamal in several other Seattle area tournaments and leagues. Jamal is one of the nicest guys I have ever met!
2000-01 Topps Tip-Off #132 - Jamal Crawford RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

Will Conroy was also on our team at Green Lake. He had just graduated from the University of Washington at the time.
2005-06 Topps Chrome #223 - Will Conroy DL RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

Brandon Roy was our coach for the tournament. He couldn’t play because he was going to be a senior at the University of Washington.
2006-07 Bowman Sterling #68 - Brandon Roy JSY RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

Nate Robinson dunked on me during that tournament. 🙁
2005-06 SP Signature Edition Rookie GRAPHiti #NR - Nate Robinson/100 - Courtesy of

Shawn Kemp took my spot in the championship game at Green Lake, and Nate Robinson’s team crushed us. We only lost by 2 points on a last second shot by Nate when we faced them earlier in the tournament.
1995-96 Finest Mystery Borderless Refractors/Gold #M4 - Shawn Kemp - Courtesy of

Kevin Garnett… well almost. He often played noon ball at Northwest Athletic Club in MN during the lock-out of 1998-99. My brother had played against him several times, so he got me into the club during one of my lunch breaks. After a long wait I only had time for one more game, and it would be against Kevin’s team. Unfortunately, there was only one spot left, and it was between my brother and me to shoot for it. I am still annoyed that he didn’t just let me play. The dork out shot me for the last spot, and I never got my chance to play against Kevin. He used to live about 3 miles from where I grew up in Minnesota, but now he is off to Boston where he and Ray Allen are going to win a championship for the Celtics.
1995-96 Topps Draft Redemption #5 - Kevin Garnett - Courtesy of

Note: All of the images for this post were added by simply copying the HTML code generated by the “grab this card” feature I just added to all the card details pages on You are welcome to do this with any of your blogs or eBay listings.

$15K worth of cards earns the #2 spot

Thanks to $15,000 worth of cards from eaglescards, we have a new #2 seller on
2004-05 SPx Winning Materials #MJ - Michael Jordan SP - Courtesy of

LowPriceCards (the predecessor to, more about the history…) still has firm hold on the #1 spot with nearly $175K worth of cards, but local sports card dealer Egil Knutzen from Kent, WA easily passed up my childhood collection, timgetsch, to claim the #2 spot.

In addition to Eagle’s Card Shop (14320 se 272nd st. Kent Wa. 98042), you can find eaglescards on eBay. Like many dealers on eBay, Egil knows how time consuming it can be to list hundreds of auctions. With, Egil was able to drop off more than 1,000 cards at a local card show, and we did all the work to scan in the cards, enter their descriptions, look up their book values, upload them to the site, and default the prices to 40% off Beckett. To date, Egil has given us just under 2,000 cards, and due to our patent pending system our team was able to process all of these cards in less than 2 days!

Join Egil and many other dealers that are starting to see the advantage of outsourcing the labor involved in selling sports cards online. Send mail and mention this blog post to learn about how to get a discount on listing your first 1,000 cards.