September 2007 Newsletter

This is our first newsletter from  The last few months have been extremely busy as we have started to roll out many new services. 

Interested in buying sports cards?
Our inventory is
constantly growing as people continue to send us their cards.  We recently passed 50,000 different cards on the site, and we will be adding 2,000 – 10,000 cards per week.  So, you will want to check back frequently to see what has been added.

Make an Offer!
Last week we released the ability to
make an offer.  It is very easy to add several cards to an offer and send that offer to a seller.

Interested in selling your sports cards?
It is now easier than ever.  We have simplified the
fees and commission structure.  It is simply $0.20 per card.  You send us your cards, and we do all the work.  That is an unbelievable deal for full-service consignment.  This is only possible because of our patent-pending technology.

Also, we have listened to your feedback and decided to simplify our commission structure.  Commission is now only a flat 20%, and you can completely avoid paying any commission by using your earned store credit to buy other cards on the site.

What happened to has been retired and replaced with  This change was made so the tools we build and use to collect and sell sports cards online can be available to all collectors.

Everything that you have loved about is now available to help YOU sell cards on


We hope you enjoy our services as we continue to work towards building the best experience for buying and selling sports cards.

Please continue to spread the word about, the safe & easy way to buy & sell sports cards!

Julia Getsch
Business Manager

Wisdom from a 14 year old…

John is Julia’s little brother. A month ago he got to come with us to the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland. While at the convention he got a bunch of cards that we added to his account on so that he could play with the site.

Over the last week many of his cards have sold, and this got John excited to find more cards to put on our site. So he started searching eBay, and this is what he found.
My Ex-Husbands Cards for sale…

This was his response.

“According to eBay, guys with cards shouldn’t cheat on their wives.”
– John Neumann

Make an Offer!

After a very long weekend, the “Make an Offer” feature is now live!

On our Card Details pages you will find a new Make an Offer button.

To make an offer you can start by either clicking the new button shown above or by adding items to your shopping cart and then clicking the new Make Offer link on the top of the page or on the shopping cart page.
Make Offer Link

After you log in you will see a page like this.

Simply enter the amount you would like to offer the seller and click Send Offer.

You must already have enough store credit in your account to cover the offer. The funds to cover the offer will be set aside until offer is accepted, rejected, or canceled. Here is an example of what the Available Store Credit section of your dashboard might look like while you have some pending offers.

The seller is immediately notified when the offer is placed. Offers automatically expire after 3 days. While the offer is still open, the seller can accept or reject the offer and the user that created the offer can cancel it.

When the seller accepts the offer, the funds are transferred into the sellers account and the cards are transferred into your account.

If the seller rejects the offer or if the user cancels the offer, the funds that were locked will be released and no cards will be transferred.

In the near future we will also allow the seller to make a counter offer. Until then, enjoy!