Something on our site was majorly broken today :-)

Our record for most hits, that is.

At 4:00 this afternoon we had 116,144 total hits. Our previous record was last Wednesday when we had 84,713. With 8 hours left in the day, we already have 37% more hits than our previous record. We have a shot at doubling our single day record! Good thing we just upgraded our servers, and we can now easily handle the traffic.

These numbers includes images and other resources, not just page views. Apparently some popular blogs have started linking to our images. Fortunately we recently started adding watermarks.
1993 Finest Refractors #94 - Joe Carter AS/241 - Courtesy of
Image courtesy of

If you want to link to images on, you are welcome to do that! We encourage you to use one of the larger images that include a watermark, and we ask that you give us attribution with a link back to our website, such as the example above.

One thought on “Something on our site was majorly broken today :-)

  1. Damn, you guys are obsessed with numbers!

    So am I! I just had my 10,000 page view on WordPress yesterday in less than 2 months of existence!

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