Why Ads?

Our goal has always been to create the premier buying and selling experience for sports cards. So we have tried to keep the site as clean and simple as possible. Ultimately we have attracted a lot of people, and we are one of the fastest growing sports card web sites (maybe the fastest).

  • Last month we more than tripled our traffic.
  • We have been averaging 4% growth per day.
  • In the first 3 days of July we had more traffic than the entire month of April.

This is great, but it also has a cost. We will likely need to buy more servers soon, and we will have to pay for more bandwidth. In order to offer the best buying and selling experience, we need to keep our costs down so that the overhead for using the system is kept as low as possible.

So, we are experimenting to see how effective ads might be towards offsetting some of our expenses, but we are very concerned with keeping our customers happy. Please let us know what you think about the ads. You can either leave a comment on the blog or send mail to staff@comc.com.

Currently we only list ads on our search page, but we will likely also put ads on the card details pages and on the home page.

3 thoughts on “Why Ads?

  1. I could see this being really cool and a great value for customers. For example, if I go to look at a specific card, maybe I could see adds that are targeted towards that player’s team or sport to be able to buy other merchandise. Suddenly, I’m looking at CheckOutMyCards as more than just cards, but also as a portal into my sports fanatic world! 🙂

    Just think of all the marketing and partnership possibilities for connecting your great library with all sorts of other information and even tracking sales with those entities to get referral kudo$.

    Also, from what I’ve heard, the longer you hold out for putting ads on your site, while continuing to build a brand and more clients and viewers, the more value your site has for anyone wanting to do advertising.

    Maybe you could also look into getting sponsors for your hard drives or other hardware or bandwidth by doing other promos for their things. Man, the possibilities are endless! 😛

    If you want more ideas, you know where to find me.

  2. I have no problems with it. The more you make off them, ideally the lower our costs are to sell on the site.

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