$20K worth of servers on their way!

With 4% growth per day, it is hard to stay ahead of demand, but hopefully the new servers I just ordered today will keep us going for a while.

What we currently have:

  • An entry level server that is running our mail server, web server, and sql server.

What we are adding:

  • A dedicated web server with a quad core processor and the fastest SAS hard drives.
  • A dedicated SQL Server with two of the fastest quad core processors and 16 GB of RAM.
  • A 15 disk array to allow for maximum hard drive performance and redundancy in case of drive failure.

The servers are scheduled to arrive around August 16th. Hopefully we will have them up and running the week of August 20th.

Picked up by SportsCollectorsDaily.com

Wow, the folks over at SportsCollectorsDaily.com really stay on top of the industry. Within 48 hours of our article in the seattlest.com, they had pinged us and posted a nice summary of the article.

Start-Up Sports Card Site Op Knows Tech Side

Portland Card Show This Weekend!

Hey, Everyone!

On Friday we are going live with new features that will enable you (the public) to sell your cards on our site!

All day Saturday and Sunday we are going to be at the card show at the Jantzen Beach Super Center Shopping Mall in Portland, OR.

All you Portland people, come see us!

We look forward to meeting you!

The CheckOutMyCards.com Staff

eBay Listing Service from CheckOutMyCards.com

Like the quality scans and user interface that you see on CheckOutMyCards.com?

We have gotten a lot of requests recently for software that would help people list eBay auctions. These days you pretty much have to include a scanned image if you want your auction to sell. Unfortunately it is very tedious to scan all those cards and look up their book value. Well, as you can tell from our site, we have cracked that nut, and now we are considering the possibility of offering a service that allows you to easily create eBay auctions.

Imagine this… You throw some cards on a scanner and click a button in a software application provided for you by CheckOutMyCards.com. The software scans your cards at the appropriate resolution for high-quality images and then uploads the data to CheckOutMyCards.com for processing. The next day you log into CheckOutMyCards.com and see a list of cataloged cards. It might look something like this.

eBay Prototype

From here you would be able to click a button that would automatically create a professionally designed eBay auction based on your boilerplate text. The auction would have similar functionality to what you find today on the Card Details pages of COMC.com. Potential bidders would be able to hover over the thumbnails to flip between the front and back of the card, and they would be able to click to view the 2x zoomed image of either the front or the back of the card.

How much would that service be worth to you? How many cards can you manually scan, crop, lookup, and list in an hour? How much does it cost for software that only helps with part of the process?

Sound interesting? Let me know what you think. If we get enough interest, we will increase the priority of building this service.

Why Ads?

Our goal has always been to create the premier buying and selling experience for sports cards. So we have tried to keep the site as clean and simple as possible. Ultimately we have attracted a lot of people, and we are one of the fastest growing sports card web sites (maybe the fastest).

  • Last month we more than tripled our traffic.
  • We have been averaging 4% growth per day.
  • In the first 3 days of July we had more traffic than the entire month of April.

This is great, but it also has a cost. We will likely need to buy more servers soon, and we will have to pay for more bandwidth. In order to offer the best buying and selling experience, we need to keep our costs down so that the overhead for using the system is kept as low as possible.

So, we are experimenting to see how effective ads might be towards offsetting some of our expenses, but we are very concerned with keeping our customers happy. Please let us know what you think about the ads. You can either leave a comment on the blog or send mail to staff@comc.com.

Currently we only list ads on our search page, but we will likely also put ads on the card details pages and on the home page.

The Explosion came up just short

It was tied with about a minute to go, but with a controversial call and the issuing three, the Explosion couldn’t come back.

The Santa Barbra Breakers were lead by 24 points from Lamond Murray.
1994-95 Finest Refractors #289 - Lamond Murray - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

Everett was led by Rashaad Powell’s 24 points, 6 rebounds; Donald Watts had 23 points and 4 assists. Jamaal Miller had 18 points and 8 assists, while Justin Murray put up 16 points and 13 rebounds.