Hard work pays off

Andy Bird and I have been working really hard these last few months in an effort to make the best sports card shopping experience on the internet. After a very long week, it was extremely refreshing to get the following feedback just 15 minutes ago.

Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2007 2:11 AM
To: staff@checkoutmycards.com
Subject: Comment On Your Site

I have searched a lot of sports card sites but this one beats every one I have ever seen hands down. I filled up my shopping cart with absolutely no doubts on what I would be receiving – another words, no surprises. The fact that I can view each card front and back is awesome. The discounted prices are great also but with such a fantastic experience shopping on your site, I found myself much more impressed with the quality of the site. Kudos to everyone involved and I hope to be filling my order very soon.

Tim Callahan

We are working hard to open up the site so that others can list their cards on COMC.com. Shortly we hope to not only have the best shopping experience but also the best inventory selection on the internet. Stay Tuned…

One thought on “Hard work pays off

  1. I second Tim’s opinion, very, very nice site…and service is first-rate. Told some of my friends about this. Keep up the great work!
    Go Gators!!
    Jerry A.

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