4 weeks later

It has been nearly 4 weeks since my trip to the ER. My right cheek is still partially numb, but fortunately I am starting to get feeling back. The doctor says there is a good chance I could have feeling completely back within 6 months.

Not bad considering this…
Facial Fracture
Cross section of my head with my nose facing up.
Left Side=Right Cheek, White=Bone, Black=Sinus Cavities, Bulge=Swelling

Cat Scan Results 2

Cat Scan Results 3

The black eye and swelling only lasted a little more than a week. I was still able to fly down to Anaheim and speak at the Access Advisor conference with only mild discomfort. The most difficult part was keeping myself from smiling too much, which causes the muscles in my cheek to cramp. Other than that my only challenge is avoiding foods that require a lot of chewing. The right side of my mouth can’t really bite hard on anything yet.

I am hoping to start running and playing non-competitive basketball in 2-4 weeks, but after watching Steve Nash get beat up in the playoffs, I am not in a hurry to get back into competitive basketball. Fortunately the Everett Explosion is doing just fine without me. They are currently 10-2 and in 1st place in the Western Division of the IBL.